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    Your Personal AI  Robo-Analyst

A machine built using data mining, data analytics and cloud computing to perform Fundamental, Technical and Quantamental Analysis so you don’t have to do these analysis manually anymore.

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3 Different Investment Strategies to suit Different Investment Horizons

Depending on your investment horizon, RoboJean uses distinctive investment styles, strategies,
stop loss levels and take profit levels to guide your entries and exits.

Long-Term Horizon
Buy-and-Hold Investor

Buy and hold investors are those that holds their investments for greater than three months.  You tend to invest for savings, retirement or for diversification purposes.  RoboJean can tell you if you are buying an overvalued stock and when you should cut that loss-making position.

Medium-Term Horizon
Active Trading Investor

Active investors typically have investment horizon of between a week to three months, You invest as and when you see or hear of an opportunity or news in the market. See how RoboJean can help you find better valued stocks with better entries and exit timings.

Short-Term Horizon
Day Trader

Day traders are those that open and close their trading positions within the trading day and occasionally within a few days.  You are mostly a full-time trader using mainly technical indicators to trade. See how RoboJean can spot trading signals in your trading.

A Robo-Analyst to replace your Financial Advisor.

Built to read Financial Statements, recognise chart patterns and understand investor sentiment.

Fundamental Analysis

RoboJean uses a top-down as well as a bottom-up approach to select stocks. It looks at the marco economy, industry and sector growth, reads and analyses financial ratios, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements to calculate the fair valuation of each stock vis-a-vis its peers, sector and the economy.  It provides Buy, Sell, Hold recommendation with calculated Intrinsic Value, a Stop-Loss level for each stock. It does all the tedious number crunching to derive a valuation for any stock in seconds to leave you more time for other important things.

Quantamental Analysis

Quantamental Analysis combines both Fundamental and Technical Analysis to analyse stocks.  The machine first find the most under-valued or over-valued stocks through fundamental analysis, the list is further refined using technical analysis to select stocks that also are in an oversold or overbought territory before a Buy or Sell recommendation is made. It recognises chart patterns, alerts you when the sentiment is right so that you can focus on other things while still keeping you touch with the market.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis (TA) assumes 90% of the Investors are psychological with behavioural traits. TA incorporates investor bullish and bearish sentiments into prices thus providing guidance on entries and exits.
It involves recognising chart patterns to identify trends, support and resistance levels and reversals. There are many powerful charting software in the market but it requires the user to have many years of experience through trial and error to know what parameters to input into the TA software to make it work.  For RoboJean, you do not need to be a trained chartist to perform TA, RoboJean does that for you automatically now.

Complex Finance Make Simple

You can invest like a professional without all the hard work.

RoboJean levels the playing field between non-professional stock market investors with professional traders.

Complex Finance Made Simple.

RoboJean was created by a team of seasoned finance professionals to help the non finance trained person invest in the stock market. We have created a Robo-Analyst that is smart and simple to use. RoboJean will show you where each stock’s Instrinsic Value and Stop-Loss as well as if the Technical indicators are aligned before you execute your trade with your confidence.

No Settings or Configurations Required.

RoboJean does not require you to set any filters or input any technical indicators.  It is programmed with our proprietary algorithm which we have used for decades with good results.  Simply hit search for the answer on when to buy and sell based on Technical Indicators.

A Stock Robo-Analyst so intelligent and intuitive to use.

With all the Fundamental, Technical and Quantamental Analysis captured in one screen.

What can RoboJean do?

Make Complex Finance Simple

RoboJean on Mobile

RoboJean App is equipped with the same beautiful interface as our web version so that it stays by your side even when you are on the move.